It’s A Different World 2024 Calendar

Get ready to relive college days with the 2024 "A Different World" Memories calendar – your time-traveling ticket to a year of higher education, life lessons, and the unforgettable camaraderie of Hillman College! 🎓🌟 Immerse yourself in 12 months of iconic moments, featuring the beloved characters – from the spirited Whitley, to the charismatic Dwayne Wayne, the quirky Freddie, and the rest of the Hillman crew. ⚡️ Whether you're reminiscing about dorm life or just embracing the legacy of the show, this calendar is set to bring the HBCU experience to your year. Channel the spirit of A Different World every day, 'cause mark our words, this calendar is a tribute to the joyous laughter and cultural significance of the show! 🌆📅